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Shopping at the Gallup 9th Street Flea Market is always an adventure. Merchandise is constantly changing, and the prices are reasonable. You never know what treasure you will uncover. Here are a few tips for successful shopping:

  1. Come out early. The best values go quickly, so come out and start your hunt early in the day.
  2. Stay late. At the end of the day, vendors are eager to sell out their products, so it’s a great time to find bargains.
  3. Don’t forget lunch! The flea market offers some of the most delicious food in the area and the best value around.
  4. Bring small bills and change.
  5. Bring the family. There’s something for everyone. Children enjoy arts, crafts, games, puzzles, and Story Garden educational opportunities.
  6. Dress for comfort. With acres of shopping, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, hats, and sunscreen in the summer. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids and jump into the vendors’ booths for shade when you can.
  7. Check the weather. Be prepared for the heat, rain or snow. Bottled water and drinks are always available for purchase along with fruit drinks, lemonade, and snow cones. Try the many imported beverages found throughout the market.
  8. Relax and enjoy the adventure. Open your mind and your eyes to all of the products, culture and possibilities. You will walk away with much more than what you purchased!